But the original product using Acu-Pad principles was made in the Soviet Union in the late 1970s by Dr. Kuznetsov and his team of scientists,  who had been charged by the government to produce an effective pain management device avoiding the need for costly pharmacopeia. Kuznetsov’s break through resulted from his observation of ancient eastern pain control techniques, including of course acupuncture.  But he realised that he had to obtain similar effects WITHOUT any penetration of the skin, so the system could be used without having to sterilise equipment every time.
Kusnetsov’s success made him a hero of his time, and over the following decades the Acu-Pad applicator has been successfully used by tens of millions of people as a very effective pain-killer. Almost every Soviet family had  its own "home doctor", as people were accustomed to call it, and it was made available in every state owned pharmacy..

What you need to know about Acu-Pad
The beneficial effects of the Acu-Pad is usually felt from the very first use.  For acute conditions, like aches and pains from over work or over exercise, Acu-Pad should be used as and when necessary.  For chronic pain, which just seems never to want to go away,  Acu-Pad should be used once or twice a day for a ‘course’ of between 14 and 21 days. Sessions should last between 20 and 60 minutes. It is recommended that a break is taken between courses of 28 days. This will ensure the maximum effectiveness of each course. Users with several areas of focus can of course use the Acu-Pad on those different areas as and when necessary.

Many users report that their pain completely disappears during their first course (as noted above, say 14-21 days) and does not return for quite some time afterwards, if at all.   And if it does, they use it again, no problem!  A few minutes of treatment can result in days or weeks of benefit.  Feelings experienced when using applicator range from moderate prickling (first 3-8 min) to a soothing warmth which spreading around envelopes the affected area of the body. When lying on the Acu-Pad you may even feel the blood pulse in your back, and that is something we very rarely , if ever feel in daily life.

Scientific research has also shown positive results for sufferers of chronic fatigue,  low or high blood pressure, insomnia and other chronic conditions.

The Kusnetsov Acu-Pad principle has been used in, and called, a variety of names: Tibetan Applicator,   Russian Prickle Pad, Bed of nails, Hedgehog, Spike mat, Spikmatta, Piikkimatto, Shaktimatto, Shakti Mat, Yoga mat, Fakir Mat, Yantra mat, and probably many more.
It is an effective and easy to use pain relief device. It is made from non-allergenic materials and consists of high density plastic spines which are precisely arranged to best stimulate the body’s internal abilities to heal itself.